Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sunday Funday - Homework policy

It's our school policy that learners should get Maths and English homework every day Monday to Thursday. Homework should help them develop/practice skills but should not take too long - many learners travel long distances and get home tired in the late afternoon.

We've also been seeing poor compliance with homework.

The solution we've come up with (actually my Maths HoD's idea) is to create a weekly homework sheet for Maths and English classes. This gets glued into special 'Homework Books' (notebooks) on Mondays and we encourage parents to check and sign these sheets daily.  The homework on the sheet gets done in the Homework Book for the subject, which makes quick correction at the start of the lesson easy.

It's a challenge to have the sheets ready every Monday but so worth it to avoid power struggles around getting homework noted down in diaries. When parents come on board, and many have, it makes a huge difference and even former reluctant 'homeworkers' start taking pride in their consistent efforts.

The homework sheet differs from teacher to teacher - many just highlight upcoming tests and quizzes and indicate the textbook exercises to be done for each day. I usually add some custom excercises and use the back to print a worksheet. 

Learners earn stars or stickers for homework assignments completed neatly and without errors, these  eventually add up to Merits. Homework repeatedly not done can lead to a detention.

That's it, it's been working for us. 


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