Friday, February 3, 2012

Eye on the child - checklist

It would be nice to have a daily checklist to help me reflect on how I can keep my 'eye on the child' - or whether I managed to do so.

Any ideas for checklist items?

I'll put some down as I think of them.

1. Did I ask lots of questions, or just tell?

2. Did learners ask questions? To each other, to me? If not, why not?

The issue of questions is much on my mind, as I've recently re-read the immortal poem about teaching "The Question" .... (I meant to link to it here, but can't find it again on the huge web - let me know if you know where it is, please!)

3. During the lesson, who's doing the work? Are the children active, or am I doing a 'star performance' while they doze?

4. Are there children who remain inactive, even while others are participating?

5. Do the children feel like they are learning something (How would I know this? How would THEY know this? )

The questions above aren't my own creations but based on the materials I've been studying, from across the web. Thank goodness for others' wisdom and perspective!

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