Sunday, January 8, 2012

Keep your eye on the... child

This post is a touchstone to remind me that children learn with their whole selves (hence the name of the blog).

More specifically, that my focus needs to be on the learners. Not on myself, and not, in the first place, on the wonderful world of mathematics, but:
on what children are busy learning about themselves, and maths, and about how they are able to engage with it. Any clever ideas are only good, if they make learning more accessible and healthy for the particular group of children in my class.

I worked with a teacher at the school I've just left, who repeatedly taught me this by example. She would challenge her learners, but only after ensuring they had a solid foundation in place. I'd always run my tests by her for editing - she has a special skill in phrasing questions and assignments in such a way that they are crystal clear and non-threatening, without lowering the standard of work.

Thank you, Birgit!